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We are makers of sacred tools inspired by a life of devotion

sovereign soul medicine

Free domestic shipping on purchases $111 or more. No code needed. 

 Free domestic Shipping with Purchases of $111 or more.  No code needed.

Together we are crafting a presence that is deeply rooted in sacred, soulful freedom.
Drawing from Earth based magical traditions, heart felt layers of intention, and the beauty of simplicity.

We are makers of sacred tools inspired by a life of devotion.

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sovereign Soul Medicine

Everyday  is  earth  day

To deepen our service to the Earth, for each item purchased, a dollar will be donated to One Tree Planted. 
One item = One dollar donated = One tree planted = A lifetime of impact. 

you plant a tree with each item you buy

reclaiming sensuality as sacred


for shedding heavy layers


coded for clarity


some of our customer favorites

the sensual sanctuary collection

take me there...

the burning of a flame for the anointing of the body

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Spirit communicator
Channel of Mystic Medicine & Elemental Wisdom
Co-creator of Ritual Healing Experiences & Tools

We live in a world of robotic routines & conditioned responses. I find this way to be quite uninspiring and disconnected. 

What would happen if we opened ourselves to the profound aspects of life that are often quietly hidden amongst the seemingly mundane (and even the profane)? 

I'll tell you...

I'm Latoya

hey love

the essence collection

take me there...

vibrational healing through the preserved memories of water


The most fierce power one can wield is the sheer will and devotion of the open heart.