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Candlecraft origins

was gifted and taught to me by my soul, by the elements, and by my many non-human teachers. I was guided in a vision to hold healing sessions with candlelight transmissions.  And while I had never done this before, I trusted the guidance, enthusiastically following it step by step.  As I engaged further in energy work, I began to place a higher value on the energetic quality of the tools I introduced in the field of practice.  I wanted to ensure the energies that were being amplified were intentional and loving from start to finish.  I knew the only way for me to be sure of the energy my tools were created with was to craft them myself.  And from this the healing modalities I practice and the candles were born...in me. 

I say they were 'born in me'  because I now know that I was being led to birth something that has been birthed before -  by many others - in many spiritual walks of life - in different ways - and holding different intentions and layers of magick.  My origins story is but a chapter in the book of time, healing magick, and ceremony. 

Candle Craft
is a magic that

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The creation process always begins with inspired healing and prayer.  Over time, I have come to know that a large part of the candles purpose is to serve the arousal and stabilization of the Earth's grid. Eminent and present shifts in collective soul consciousness present themselves as attuning energies for these vessels of gnosis time and time again.  What I do is listen, feel, and allow myself to be immersed by the sensational voice of the present energy/entity/moment and then move towards intentionally crafting a ritual & tool around it. 

Combining wisdom of elemental and etheric/subtle bodies with my background expertise of the human body and the natural history of illness, these crafts are designed to be a form of energetic and spiritual life support, taking into consideration all realms of being and engaging in relational intimacy with each as a living entity. Through this relational intimacy, I translate their Divine essence into form by identifying existing and relevant elements from our natural world that hold building blocks of the candle's energy - like proteins that code a strand a DNA - and that when brought together, like ingredients in a recipe, are able to hold the soul of the energy to a fuller capacity.

Co- Creation

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On many occasions, I will be led to attune a particular candle under the energy of the moon. This will usually be a candle whose energy aligns with what is happening cosmically & with the healing needs of the collective. Both Illume and Dark Moon were created in this way during their relevant lunar phases.

Following guidance, I will either create a new candle or make a special batch of an existing candle for these ceremonies. Under the night sky and often upon the Earth herself, the candles are arranged geometrically within an elemental grid created to anchor in Spirit messages and intentions. The grid and communion with the elements also serve as a way to amplify intentions, like a beacon to the Unseen world. For hours, we sit together in prayer, meditation, and union until our time feels complete. I leave them with the moon and the elements until they call me to close the ceremony.

Pre-orders are usually taken. This allows me to dedicate a particular candle to a particular person. And to call in Spirit support (guides, angels, higher self) to attune the candle to what that person's soul is most in need of.

The Lunar attunement ceremony

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"The first koan of your soul is that your voice asked me to birth you into eternity - before you ever existed. I am the voice that said yes to you."