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  • Making offering of your creative expression
  • Alchemizing the mundane into the language of living prayer. 
  • Prepping all systems for meditative states, practices, and healing work

  • Plant teachers: Frankincense, Myrrh
  • Archetypes: the alchemist, the healer
  • Chakras: all but especially the crown, the throat, the root
  • Spiritual teachers: Archangel Michael, the Priestess/Sorceress, Mother Mary
  • Stones: clear quartz
  • Frequencies: Bhakti, the vow, "moving heaven & earth", a clear and alive central channel



Devotionally & ritually attuned -
virgin coconut soy candle

Bridging the mundane into the language of living prayer.

Layers of temple incense smoke. An open air shala surrounded by citrus trees in bloom. Powdery clouds set you adrift to far off lands.

I marry the Divine into my daily human experience.  

Before she was named Devotion, she was named Bhakti...a Sanskrit word from the root bhaj, meaning to adore or worship God.  Bhakti is also a yogic practice of meeting, seeing, feeling, acknowledging connection the Divine in everything.  That might begin with the moments when we are struck by the beauty of what our eyes and hearts behold or the offering of a craft we pour our whole selves into.  And it extends into the spaces where the beauty is harder to perceive.  With devotion as the foundational mortar of all we build, there can be no failure and no separation.


"Devotion might be one of the best scents in the world to me. This beauuutiful scent helped keep me calm and grounded through a past life regression healing. I felt so secure. There's no denying there is so much more to these candles than their wax and wicks. Their medicine is prominent. "

gina lamson

love for devotion

"These candles have such potent presence that command your attention. Devotion feels like a pure aphrodisiac in my body."

heather bridge 
women of the well orphic academy

love for devotion

"Devotion burns during all of my sessions with clients.  It takes me deeper.  I feel a presence that makes me want to take in everything that much more. My altar may change from day to day but this candle's presence is always there."

karlyn langjahr

love for devotion

"I wish you could smell this candle.  This scent is just about the most magical thing ever."

danielle massi
shadow  queen

love for devotion

Patchouli supports us in being fully present with our physical bodies through its grounding and stabilizing nature. And in doing so, patchouli inherently supports our connection to the Earth.  This plant spirit helps us to acknowledge, heal from, and release distorted thinking about one's body and prepares the spirit and body for deeper union.


oil of

Bergamot, the oil of self acceptance, teaches us to release the judgement that keep us hiding who we truly are.  It ignites hope and self-confidence, inviting us to open up to possibility and release disappointment. 


oil of

Born of Sun and the resin of ancient trees, amber aids in deepening our connection with the light. It has long been associated with the Egyptian Sun God Ra.  it has also been known to ease discomfort and often adorns the necks of infants who are teething.  It is a purifier of lower vibrational energies 


resin of

The oil of focus; lemon inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness - shifting self judgement and fears into something more positive and uplifting.


oil of

Orange, the oil of abundance, connects us with our inner child, inspiring playfulness and joy. It unleashes creativity, true abundance, and assists us with releasing perspectives rooted in scarcity.


oil of

Myrrh, the oil of the Mother & Earth, helps to heal the mother wound. Like Earth herself, Myrrh is grounding, nurturing. Frankincense, the oil of truth, connects the soul with its inner light. It's mildly sedative effects have long assisted devotees to go into deeper meditative and channeling states.  

Wood resins


My Signature

The oil of balanced ambition encourages a healthy relationship between the masculine and feminine energies within us all.  Cumin supports surrender, cooperation, and community as equally worthy endeavors to our pursuit of happiness.


oil of

Devotion was the first candle I created. She performed perfectly for every test I ran inspiring me to keep going.  She also helped me remain focused while lending incredible potency through the distance healing sessions I would hold. 

about devotion

fun fact

Coriander, the oil of integrity. This plant spirit guides us toward a life in honor of our personal truth and authenticity.  By helping us to feel safe in our individuality, we are granted permission to be exactly who we are. 


oil of


May the ways of angels become the ways of humans...and may it start with me.