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9 oz virgin coconut soy candle

When we are ready to take our connection to our bodies to a deeper level of presence, Beloved supports us in doing this with curiosity, joy, and pleasure. For those of us on the journey of reclaiming what it means to be truly alive, Beloved directs prana, our vital force and creative power, into the numb spaces, revitalizing our ability to feel and hear the needs and desires of our bodies. 


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My Energy CORRESPONDS with

01.  Unified consciousness: being both fully Human and fully Divine
02.  The medicine of: the Rose, the heart
03.  Chakras: heart, sacral, and root 
04.  Spiritual teachers: Mary Magdalene

01.  Womb & pleasure practices; reclaiming sacred femininity
02.  Safety in feeling; safety in intimacy 
03.  Sacred boundaries
04.  Healing disconnection from our sensual and sexual selves


"I have the capacity to feel all of my life and love deeply, intensely, fiercely."

"Serve at the rhythm of your body because the true legacy is the one you leave in your heart."

ashae  sundara

Patchouli supports us in being fully present with our physical bodies through its grounding and stabilizing nature. And in doing so, patchouli inherently supports our connection to the Earth.  This plant spirit helps us to acknowledge, heal from, and release distorted thinking about one's body and prepares the spirit and body for deeper union.


oil of

Known as the oil of sexual harmony, Cinnamon encourages surrender, honesty, and vulnerability so that true intimacy can be nurtured. Her fiery yet sweet & protective nature are perhaps the exact qualities that solicit the safety required for intimacy to exist. She can also rekindle dampened sexual energy & is rooted in traditions of love and money magic.  


oil of

Rose is known as the oil of Divine Love. Rose helps us to access the portal of our hearts as its own unique universe within us that connects us to the greater whole, to our Divinity even. She is the flower who teaches us to surrender and also what it means to exist with an open heart.

damacena rose & rose petals

oil of

Grapefruit teaches us to honor our physical bodies. It inspires a positive relationship with the body through true nourishment by helping us attune to our bodies voice so that our true needs can be met.


oil of

Plums presence here is purely sensual as its scent is intoxicating, invoking a feeling of freedom to explore a wildly pleasurable dream life


oil of

Like black pepper, her energy corresponds to fire. Unlike her relation though, her heat is less aggressive & masculine yet every bit as strong, with her warmth tempered by compassion and sensuality. The oil of equality and mutual celebration helps to quell critical attitudes towards the self and others. 

pink pepper

oil of 

My Signature

love for beloved

"I love her! These last few days with her have been so energetic, freeing, and powerful! I feel her love and presence. She really resonates well with my spirit. "

tia  patterson
lifestyle / motherhood content creator & blogger

" This candle! Its absolutely my favorite!"

jean Humphrey

"Everything she touches is magic. I've never met another maker so devoted to her craft.  Beloved is absolutely intoxicating."

Melissa Chernow
channel & mentor

"I am really picky about candle scents. This candle smells so good. I adore her." 

britt sullivan
Intuitive channel
 reclaiming sacred femininity