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sovereign soul medicine

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the sensual sanctuary collection

take me there...

the burning of a flame for the anointing of the body

A sacred space; The holiest part of a temple; a place of refuge or rest

These candles are a bridge to the sanctuary that lies within you. Burn them as you would any candle. Anoint yourself in ritual. Wear as your own healing fragrance. Or massage your body (or your partners) with this high frequency massage / body oil.


Welcome love.
To a place where your soul can find refuge.
A place where you can reconnect to your worth and to the sacred experience of your daily life. 
A place where your self love is potent medicine.
Where your very essence is alive and well.
To a place where belief in your sovereign nature and in your ability to heal
are held with steadfast certainty.

Welcome to your BODY.  To your very own temple.
To the acknowledgement of yourself as sacred.
Let us light a candle in your honor.
Let us adorn your sanctuary in the sweetest perfume
And vibrate with the reweaving of you
Mind to Spirit, Light to Breathe
And of all to Body

Crafted in ritual. Steeped in intention. Covered in love. Let these sacred tools call you to presence, help you harness your own home frequency, support you in your soul work and in living a life of beautiful devotion.