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7.5 oz beeswax blend candle

This candle's spirit is a guide for us when we are navigating the dark cycles/seasons of our lives.  First, she guides us to reframe our expectations of what 'navigation' means in environments with little to no light (low visibility/clarity).  Then she invites us to recalibrate - to sink into the slowness & stillness of this realms pace - knowing that as we replenish our bodies & souls, receiving the goodness of our foundation, our vision will adjust and our power restored.

dark moon

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My Energy CORRESPONDS with

01.  Elements: Earth & Water
02.  Archetypes: the Seed, the High Priestess, the Dove 
03.  Lunar cycle: the new moon
04.  Season: Fall & Winter (your personal winter and the calendar season)

01.  Receptivity / Surrender
02.  Rest / Replenishment / Slowing down
03.  Nurturance 
04.  Navigating the dark - Inner Vision
05.  Stability in transition & dissolution

GIFTS of the darkness

**** PLEASE NOTE****
Current stock was created and attuned during the Libra New Moon 9/25/2022.
The next possible lunar attunement will be December 23rd, 2022.
To honor the integrity of the Dark Moon spirit, I only create and attune these candles during the 24 hours before and after the new moon cycle. Once current stock is sold out, your order will be fulfilled accordingly following the creation of the next batch during the next new moon lunar cycle.  The exception to this is Eclipse season, when no lunar attunements are held.   

"Dope AF good! Really good. The scent is peace inducing and I use it every other day."

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love for dark moon

A star anise is known as the oil of soulful femininity.  She reminds us of the need to fill our fountain to overflowing so that we may be present in our wholeness, shifting from contracted states to that of expansion, reignition, and worthiness.  With her, we are reconnected to our heart song and empowered to sing it aloud once restored.

star anise

oil of

The Moon is at home in each of her phases. She invites us to get cozy within the ways our energy is reflected in these phases too. Being a nurturer, she brings us soothing comfort & replenishment during our most receptive phase. And being a mirror, she helps us tap into our dreams & creativity during our most fertile, sensual, & intuitive phase.



Cardamom, known as the oil of objectivity & the Queen of Spices has potent centering and warming qualities.  Her warmth helps us to release judgements, fears, as well as quiet our minds - not by simply relinquishing our burdens but by stimulating our inner authority.  With cardamom, we sit in our seat of power and victimhood is abated. 


oil of

Bergamot, the oil of self acceptance, teaches us to release the judgement that keep us hiding who we truly are. It ignites hope and self-confidence, inviting us to open up to possibility and release disappointment. 


oil of

Orange is known as the oil of abundance.  Blood orange has a grounding effect that neutralizes tension and encourages a sense of safety.  In this relaxed and stabilized state, blood orange helps open us to the energy of receiving the abundance of her nature. 

blood orange

oil of

Aromatic, evergreen, deeply rooted, decay resistant, and with widespread branches, Cedar embodies what it means to be nurtured by and to contribute to community. Cedar has helped sustain civilizations throughout time, exemplifying how our gifts and open hearts too are needed by those around us.


oil of

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In the dark, rest and nourishment are gifted me. and I return to my throne of power.