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  • Energetic hygiene
  • Authentic embodiment; translation of innate truth into sovereign expression
  • Energetic Protection; being less permeable to outside influence

  • Archetype: the Phoenix, the Guardian
  • Plants: papaya, papaya leaf (papain)
  • Elements: Earth (structure) & Fire, both for its destructive & edifying qualities
  • Planets: Saturn
  • Physicality: the digestive & immune systems, the bones.
  • Stones: rose quartz, amazonite, pink salt



devotionally & ritually attuned -
virgin coconut soy candle

Inspired by the yogic teaching of Satya सत्य
Truth in practice. 

I am protected by the truth I allow to live through me.

A verity is a fundamental & inevitable true value. Satya is more than the dualistic examination of what is true or false. It is the state of being that arises when we act from our most honest consciousness.  Once we begin to relate to our reality as a mirror,  we have the unique opportunity to see the reflection of the agreements, conditions, & values we live out each day. Verity is the energetic filter, encircling our subtle bodies with protective layers to help us extract our own innate truth from our experiences and environment through a lens of compassion and sovereignty.



Derived from the crystal known as pink halite, its energy is very similar to rose quartz.  
Salt has a long history in purification and protection rituals.  The intersection of the energy of salt and pink halite (think rose quartz again) helps us to release energetic & emotional attachments from a place of love & trust.

pink salt


native to the Caribbean & also known as lignum-vitae.  One of its most common medical uses today is on a guaiac card, in which its resin turns blue when it comes in contact with blood that is hidden (or occult) in excrement.  In other words, it is useful in detecting the life (blood) hidden within the debris - the truth amongst the lies.

guaiac wood

resin of

Copal literally means 'incense' in its language of origin, the Nahuatl language.  This resin is used as bush medicine as a replacement for antibiotics, antimicrobials, and antifungals, particularly in skin disorders.  The skin is the first organ to make contact with the external environment, creating a filter between that which is self and that which is other...making this a very appropriate addition to this candle blend.


resin of

Amazonite, the stone of truth & courage, works closely with the heart & throat chakras, empowering one to live in integrity to their individual truths. Traditionally it has also been used to balance calcium deficiency, restoring health to our bones. These qualities together give interesting insight to the phrase "get a backbone".


stones of

Orange, the oil of abundance, connects us with our inner child. It unleashes creativity, true abundance, & assists us with releasing perspectives rooted in scarcity. Lemon, oil of focus, inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness - shifting self judgement and fears into something more positive and uplifting. 


oil of

This leaf contains the digestive enzyme Papain. It is used for everything from treating parasites, tumors, & wounds, to cleaning contact lens', reducing inflammation of the throat & pharynx, & alleviating allergy symptoms.  My metaphysical translation of this medicine: I will help protect your authentic expression. I'll help clear your vision; break ties between you and that which would feed on you.  I will step in to soothe your throat, vocal cords, and sinuses so that your voice can be heard with authority & authenticity. 


leaves of

My Signature

The oil of boundaries, clove helps to heal our sense of self by urging us to create space for our needs and desires. With clove, we are reminded that we are capable of creating our reality, not victims of it.  And we are empowered to break free of patterns of codependence and self-betrayal and instead live life courageously


oil of

Though a common stone, rose quartz's power is not to be underestimated. She is certainly attuned to love - but think more so of an attunement to the power of love. To the power you tap into when you trust your heart. To the transformative power you feel when you experience the love of God/Source.

rose quartz

stones of 

Aromatic, evergreen, deeply rooted, decay resistant, and with widespread branches, Cedar embodies what it means to be nurtured by and to contribute to community.  Cedar has helped sustain civilizations throughout time, exemplifying how our gifts and open hearts too are needed by those around us.


oil of


I am protected by the truth I allow to live through me.