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  • Surrender
  • Self love, acceptance, and empowerment
  • Mind body spirit wholeness
  • Facing fears

  • Plant: Bergamot, Basil, Ginger
  • Physicality: the heart
  • Chakras: heart, solar plexus
  • Frequencies: simplicity, enough, hope, peace



9.5 oz virgin coconut soy candle

Inspired by the yogic teaching of Santosha || acceptance of the self as a whole...unfragmented & complete

The depth of my presence is equal to the depth of love, life, awe, and magic I am able to be touched by in any moment.

Inspired by the Yogic teaching of Santosha, derived of two Sanskrit words, “Sam” meaning complete, altogether, entirely and “Tosha” meaning content, satisfaction, acceptance. Presence is a reminder to live in the moment...because when all of you is here, in the now, you are whole...unfragmented & complete 




"I can accept where I am in life and still remain hopeful for my future."

Patchouli supports us in being fully present with our physical bodies through grounding and stabilizing our connection to the Earth. This plant spirit helps us to acknowledge, heal from, and release distorted thinking about the body we live in and prepares the spirit and body for deeper union.


oil of

Bergamot, the oil of self acceptance, teaches us to release the judgement that keep us hiding who we truly are.  It ignites hope and self-confidence, inviting us to open up to possibility and release disappointment. 


oil of

A star anise is placed in each candle to remind us of the need to fill our fountain to overflowing so that we may be present in our wholeness, shifting from contracted states to that of expansion, reignition, and worthiness.



The oil of focus; lemon inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness - shifting self judgement and fears into something more positive and uplifting.


oil of

Orange, the oil of abundance, connects us with our inner child, inspiring playfulness and joy. It unleashes creativity, true abundance, and assists us with releasing perspectives rooted in scarcity.


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Ginger is considered the oil of empowerment.  With ginger, we are persuaded to be fully present in the co-creation of our lives by reclaiming our power of choice, commitment, and integrity.  


oil of 

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Celery seed is credited with aiding metabolism & the body's detoxifying processes.  Interestingly, this can be applied to the energetics of our system as a whole, helping to dislodge stagnant energy and disrupt thought patterns that keep us stuck.  An overall toner for the mind, body, and spirit.

celery seed

oil of

I tried so many oil combinations for Presence.  But nothing felt right. It was when I pared-down the combination that she finally felt whole. The lesson "Simplify. Sometimes more just complicates things. I'm enough as I am, so are you."

about presence

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Mandarin invites us to view life with a childlike perspective, bringing a sense of wonder, fulfillment, innocence and resilience to our experiences.


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"This candle filled my space with so much love.  And I am in awe of how perfectly it burns."


love for presence

"I wish you could smell these candles and feel how potent they are."

Danielle massi
licensed therapist | intuitive shadow worker

love for presence

"My husband, who would never light candles before, now lights this one every morning.  It's become his practice and he asked me to thank you for this candle."

sameia udoji
nurse practitioner

love for presence