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  • Stones: amazonite

  • Plants: Camellia sinensis (tea)

  • Elements: Rainwater (water); Soils/land - from arid to lush (earth); Lightening (fire)

  • Metal: Gold (and the golden radiance of divine countenance)

  • Archetypes: the Lion, the guardian; the matriarchal Marian lineage. The Kingdom.

  • Soma: the heart (and its connection to our coordinate(s) of origin), spine

  • Codes: Ancestral healing / lineage work; Forgiveness; Sovereign expression through fortification & anointment of the heart field; the restorative and nutritive presence (covering) of love; Protection & Providership of the devotional masculine and feminine principles in Union; the tribe (of which you are a part; and because She came for you, He and they will too; they tend the Kingdom together)

  • Spirit teachers: Matriarchal Marian lineage, the Madonna, the immaculate heart

  • The Prayer:  these are words written through me via oracular dreams and visions gifted me with this spirit that are yet another vessel of the soul of Origins.  Please stay tuned as I will introduce this prayer in a live share soon.


Oracularly attuned -
virgin coconut soy candle

The most fierce power one can wield is the sheer will and devotion of the open heart.

Invoke the eternal love that is your origin story

Imagine meeting someone - a stranger to you, yet in their presence you feel they have known you for ages, loved you unconditionally. Origins is the spirit of this stranger who is very much a part of your soul...an ancestor awaiting invitation to reside within your heart more consciously.

Origins is every element that created and sustained you. Its every prayer whispered for you generations before you would arrive, here now to reveal very gently the miracle of love that will forever find & provide for you through the ages, surrounding you in golden promise, grace, safety, & tenderness.  

Welcome the Matriarch into the dwelling space of your heart where she'll anoint you as her Shining One.  Carrying with her a patient well of symbology that decodes the revival of lush gardens and peaceful provision into once arid regions, void of light and love.

Origins | the love 

"This candle speaks incredibly loudly with my being.  And shifts the energy of the room instantly.  Honestly, what is created here feels like a very new frequency that has not been on this planet for a long time, or maybe ever.  There's an alchemy here that is just different and incredible."

Melissa viktoria kiss

love for origins

Orange, the oil of abundance, connects us with our inner child. It unleashes creativity, true abundance, & assists us with releasing perspectives rooted in scarcity.  Lemon, oil of focus inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness - shifting self judgement and fears into something more positive and uplifting. 


oil of

Tea, being a very wise Queen ancestor plant herself, is a keen guide in connecting us with our lineage, both Earth & Spirit bound.  Tea is plant spirit medicine that is gentle enough to be consumed daily, yet fervent enough to offer opportunities for enormous growth & change in the most beautiful of ways.

tea leaves

camellia sinensis

The oil of boundaries, clove helps to heal our sense of self by urging us to create space for our needs and desires. With clove, we are reminded that we are capable of creating our reality, not victims of it. And we are empowered to break free of patterns of codependence and self-betrayal and instead live life courageously. 


oil of

Aromatic, evergreen, deeply rooted, decay resistant, and with widespread branches, Cedar embodies the great love of our ancestral  community. Cedar has helped sustain civilizations throughout history, exemplifying an unending grace that remembers us, holds us, & provides for us.


oil of

Lavender, considered the oil of calm and communication, gently invites us to a space of emotional honesty - first with ourselves and then with all.  It soothes fear around the expression of your true voice and helps you embrace its power. 


oil of

The oil of ancestry illuminates the eternal thread that weaves and connects us to all generations before and those yet to come.  Petitgrain helps us to honor that thread with all its wisdom, history, and hopes.  Through viewing our ancestry with empathy, we can cover our lineage in the same intense love that continues to bear witness to us today, and lighten the load for those to come.

petitgrain leaf

oil of

My Signature

Gold is a master healer, with many qualities similar to clear quartz. It's a purifier of all chakras & energy bodies.  Capable of being receptive & cooperative, having both a potentiating & stabilizing effect upon the wearer and/or the stones, minerals, and frequencies it is in proximity to. Gold will attract & draw out the qualities inherent with its ultimate goal being that of alchemy - union (dispelling the illusion of separation) of spirit and matter. 

gold leaf

14 karat

A sweet, balsamic, sensuous scent with notes of vanilla and cinnamon is a tree resin that has been used for sacred & medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  It has been used to invoke the benevolence of the Gods and to provide the substance in which Spirit may manifest.  Physically, it has been used as an expectorant, to clear the chest.  Emotionally, it helps attune the heart chakra to the vibration of love - helping to release resentment, fear, &  trapped emotions.


oil of

Amazonite, the stone of truth & courage,  works closely with the heart & throat chakras, empowering one to live in integrity to their individual truths.  Traditionally it has also been used to balance calcium deficiency, restoring health to our bones.  These qualities together give interesting insight to the phrase "get a backbone".


stones of


I am descended of the lineage of love.