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  • Breath work
  • Working with energies of expansion and contraction (ex. life & death & rebirth)
  • Space purification, especially during and after illness
  • To ceremonially mark transitions in life
  • Meditation

  • Planets: Saturn & Jupiter
  • Plants: eucalyptus, rosemary
  • Elements: Earth & Air
  • Frequencies: purification, restoration, calm
  • Cycles: birth, death, rebirth
  • Physicality: lungs, liver, heart



devotionally & ritually attuned -
virgin coconut soy candle

Reclamation of wellbeing

I reclaim my space to breathe.  Being grounded in the moment is always just a breath away.

The Spirit of Air is the conduit of all healing work.
The breath is a relational tool that touches all that is happening in our internal and external environments.  Each breath is encoded with information, love, wisdom, possibility - much of it untapped. Let this candle help you to befriend one of your most powerful allies, your breath.


ceremony of air 

love for ceremony of air

This is powerful medicine.  And I don't say this lightly.
Never stop doing what you're doing.  Your candles are bringing me deep, deep healing. 

Desiree Latoya

"I smelled this candle and felt such an ancestral presence come through.  I felt really held. It's different from the other candle I've worked with, Illume.  This medicine is slow and deeply rooted - old forest deep - yet airy and strong like mountain air." 

tati michalak
healing with water & sound 

"I am blown away by the intention and care you put into your work. I always knew you would create something so healing and elegant. And you've done it."

alissa  bailey
rights of passage guide | facilitator | ritualist | maker

"Ceremony of Air took my breath away, making space for a full bright inhale that went straight to my heart. There is already more clarity in my breath."

Melissa  chernow
best selling author | soul seer | channel | mentor

"This candle smells just like the ocean. It really does.  You've got to check it out. I love everything LaToya makes.  Her candles are the ONLY candles I buy. I use them in my ceremonies and daily rituals."

 ashley  dufresne
soul-led business mentor
ashleydufresne.com  |  @ashley.dufresne

Whether Siberian, Douglas, or White fir, the medicine addresses generational wisdom and healing. We are invited to heal ourselves and our bloodlines by learning from the experiences of our past and our elders as well as shifting perspectives to one that restores peace.

fir needles

oil of

Aromatic, evergreen, deeply rooted, decay resistant, and with widespread branches, Cedar embodies what it means to be nurtured by and to contribute to community. Cedar has helped sustain civilizations throughout time, exemplifying how our gifts and open hearts too are needed by those around us.


oil of

A sacred herb of many indigenous peoples with a tradition of purification and protection. These clearing, grounding energies are ideal when doing visionary work into unseen realms as it will help anchor the shifts in perspective that we experience into our bodies and our realities.


oil of

the oil of wisdom & transition; roots us in knowledge that surpasses our human experience. It's strongly associated with resuscitation of memory, including that of soul gifts, past lifetimes, and can even resuscitate hair growth. Invites us to trust during times of uncertainty.


oil of

Orange, the oil of abundance, connects us with our inner child, inspiring playfulness and joy. It unleashes creativity, true abundance, and assists us with releasing perspectives rooted in scarcity.


oil of

Eucalyptus's medicinal aroma speaks prominently to our ability to heal ourselves.  A few moments in its presence and we naturally begin to draw in deeper breaths, instinctively calling upon the liberation of its medicine to empower us in our own liberation.  This wellness medicine of liberation is physical, but also emotional. 


oil of

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Tend the hearth fires of your body's altar by allowing all of yourself its breath.