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9 oz virgin coconut soy candle

A catharsis is a process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions.  Born during the Samhain full moon in Scorpio, she is synonymous with shadow work and shedding heavy layers.  Let Catharsis' motherly energy anchor you while you examine your roots, unearth what no longer belongs there, and reseed your foundation.  

My Energy CORRESPONDS with


01.  All elements but predominantly Earth & Water
02.  The season of fall
03.  The yin energy of night
04.  The waning moon

01.  Shadow & story work 
02.  Shamanic Journeying
03.  Completion of a cycle & entering the threshold season of life & ceremony
04.  Emotional Alchemy 
05.  The grieving process

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"This candle assisted me in stepping more and more into my sovereignty and in releasing the limiting beliefs that hold me back. I burned it during all my sessions with clients and it held very potent space."


love for catharsis

"I don't think I have ever been this obsessed with a candle."


love for catharsis

"I can truly feel the love pouring from this candle. And I could hear her speak to me in my silence as I balanced the energy of my heart chakra."

alesha poche

love for catharsis

"Favorite candle of all time.  I lit this during a past life regression. The aroma is unlike anything I have ever smelled. I felt a presence guiding me to go deeper and uncover more, bringing me to other worlds and then safely guiding me back home.  I am so in awe of how this magic is able to hold space in the physical world through a candle.  It was everything I needed. I never cared about candles before, but now I never want you to stop making them.  They are so amazing. "

marie reginato
motivational speker
2x cookbook author

love for catharsis

Patchouli supports us in being fully present with our physical bodies through its grounding and stabilizing nature. And in doing so, patchouli inherently supports our connection to the Earth.  This plant spirit helps us to acknowledge, heal from, and release distorted thinking about one's body and prepares the spirit and body for deeper union.


oil of

This stone helps rebuild the emotional body.  It's resonance with the root and crown chakras opens portals on both ends of our energy spectrum.  This aids our connection to the healing and purifying light while simultaneously anchoring our truth in the Earth. 


stones of

Aromatic, evergreen, deeply rooted, decay resistant, and with widespread branches, Cedar embodies what it means to be nurtured by and to contribute to community. Cedar has helped sustain civilizations throughout time, exemplifying how our gifts and open hearts too are needed by those around us.


oil of

The oil of focus; lemon inspires joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy, confidence, and alertness - shifting self judgement and fears into something more positive and uplifting.


oil of

Ginger is considered the oil of empowerment. With ginger, we are persuaded to be fully present in the co-creation of our lives by reclaiming our power of choice, commitment, and integrity.  


oil of

Born of Sun and the resin of ancient trees, amber aids in deepening our connection with the light. It has long been associated with the Egyptian Sun God Ra. it has also been known to ease discomfort and often adorns the necks of infants who are teething. It is a purifier of lower vibrational energies 


resin of 

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"I am transformed by the truth that lives within me."