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I am an alum of this program and it is the honor of a lifetime that Ashley asked me to create a custom candle for each student who will undergo this journey.  I have such deep love for AYLP. And with this, I feel like I get to create something that weaves a golden thread between each of us and it feels beyond amazing.

"I am over the moon with these candles.  They look and feel beyond amazing - beyond what I have ever imagined."

activate your life's purpose collaboration
with ashley dufresne

Click the photos above to hear Ashley's reaction to receiving the candles and my story of transformation and healing in the AYLP program.

"The love is absolutely felt in these candles. Felt and received. Its perfect for ALL the ceremonies that each student will go through in the program."

activate your life's purpose collaboration
with ashley dufresne

"I could feel how sacred these candles are through the box."

fire alchemy ritual kit
with faeryessence

I crafted the Sacred Vessel anointing oil for these super potent ritual kits.  Made with coconut and kukui oils, stones of jade, a custom blend of essential oils and high quality perfume oils that are ethically sourced.  After blending, the oil was buried in the Earth for 4 days to attune to the healing powers of our Sacred Mother, a perfect energetic companion to Soul Wisdom's restorative medicine.

soul  wisdom ritual kit collaboration
with ashley dufresne