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A truly high vibrational stone with a loving energy

Named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, this stone carries the ability to light up the darkness just like its namesake.  In my experience, selenite shows up as a master healer and cleanser of environments as well as all of our energy bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and auric field).  I personally call upon this stone to clear and open my heart chakra regularly by massaging my chest with it.  It's beautiful for calming fears and nightmares.  Selenite is also useful in clearing spaces and homes. 

selenite  heart

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01.  Goddess energy / the moon
02.  Connecting with the higher self
03.  Opening, clearing, activating the crown and higher chakras
04.  Making the heart lighter / lightening energetic burdens
05.  House blessing / purification of energies
06.  truth and transparency
07.  Calm inducing

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