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Attunes the heart and auric field to love, beauty, and compassion

The energy of the Rose Quartz is soothing, gentle, and loving.  The gentle nature of this stone may make some question its formidable power. This would be a mistake.  The electromagnetic field arises from the heart and acts as a universal signal.  The keys to clearing our field and cultivating a desirable signal rests in our emotions.  And one of the highest emotional frequencies we can attune to is that of LOVE.  Rose quartz oozes this with ease and is capable of activating the gentle warrior that is love within our heart chakra.  In relation to the chakras, the heart is uniquely placed so that just before anything exits our lips and enters our energetic expression, we are invited to filter it through the lens of the hearts higher intelligence.  It's here that we get to coat all that we are in Sacred compassion and call it Sovereignty.   In this place of love - fear and isolation, hatred and judgement are dissolved. 

For truly, it is in this place of love, which Rose quartz is attuned to, that all deep and lasting healing takes place. 

rose quartz

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Ingredients: essence of a rose quartz pyramid, spring water, artisan brandy, prayer

01.  the heart chakra as a portal
02.  higher heart intelligence
03.  aura medicine (clearing, fortifying)
04.  tenderness, softening 
05.  love supreme

My Energy CORRESPONDS with

"my bond with the love I come from is unbreakable. 
knowing this, I can  trust my hearts guidance."