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For communing with ancestral spirits and holding a vision for a New Earth with them. 

One day I felt a very strong urge to create a grid solely for the purpose of communicating with the ancestor spirits.  I felt their presence strongly and wished to hear what they had to share.  This grid was the result.  It shows us that duality exists where cooperation, resolution, love, passion, and union are needed.  Each element of nature is represented here (earth, fire, water, air).  I have found energy purifying practices to be especially potent when I combine them with the essence of this grid in meditation.  While I have my own interpretation of this grid, know that your own experience is valid, even if it differs from my own.  I encourage you to work with this grid with an open heart, open to receiving what is pertinent for you.  

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Ingredients: rose of sharon flower essence, spring water, artisan apple brandy, prayer

01. Energy clearing practices such as kundalini 
02.  Meditation
03.  Communicating with ancestral spirits
04.  Elements:  all
05.  Cycles / Moon phases: all

My Energy CORRESPONDS with

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