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  • Elements: earth & water
  • Season: fall & winter
  • Lunar cycle: dark and new moon
  • Archetypes: the seed, the dove, the priestess
  • Energetics: receptivity, nurturance, being held & boundaried to the point of ultimate softening and opening (i.e. fertile ground)
  • Plant medicines: cardamom, star anise, blood orange, mandarin, patchouli, clove, davana, cedar, cypress

  • Elements: fire & air 
  • Season: spring & summer
  • Lunar cycle: full moon, specifically Aries Harvest full moon (cardinal fire energy)
  • Archetypes: the Seer/the Visionary, the sword
  • Energetics: trust, clarity, Divine Masculine power, awe
  • Plant medicines: clary sage, lavender, rosemary, chamomile
  • Ideal for: dreamwork, clarity & creativity, problem solving, easing anxiety & transitions

Dark Moon's correspondences

Illume's correspondences

9.5 oz Illume Crystalline virgin coconut soy candle
7.5 oz Dark Moon Crystalline beeswax blend candle
Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon
Amethyst Point from Crystal Rising
Moon Ritual Invitations 


ILLUME means to illuminate; to make lucid or clear.  He is a light being, fully coded for the clarity that only light brings.

DARK MOON is coded for receptivity.  She is the slow medicine path of the womb, the void, the mystery.  She supports our oracular vision, recalibrating the ways we navigate the dark cycles of life.

moon ritual collection  


"The aesthetic is undeniable...the true magic happened when I lit the candle though. Tuning into Illume's essence while channeling the consciousness of my business was a total game changer. It was clear that this was not just a candle - she is a powerful tool for ritual. I was able to completely sink into my intention and embody the essence of my business. I was able to tap into this flow state that actually inspired me out of my meditation and into creation mode. Clarity was born. My internal fire burned with the wood wick in unison. As Illume guided and held a sacred container for me. I have done many candle meditations but none have ever been like this. This candle is a portal in and of itself."

Brianna brown
soul body alchemist

love for illume

"This is my favorite candle to date! LaToya puts so much time, love, and the best energy into them. And it's very apparent. I highly recommend if you are drawn to one of her candles, get it."

tara barnes
personal trainer | natural athlete

love for illume

"Illume is magical. My whole body started tingling when I lit it, immediately! And it smells so heavenly - strong but gentle. I love it."

kyla parker
creator of @shes.waisted

love for illume

"I received Illume as a birthday gift during a time of transition and praying for guidance. Since its arrival my dreams have been much more frequent and vivid."

not named in respect for privacy

love for illume

"Illume is one of my favorites by LaToya.  He's such a force and I love the way he works with my energy every single day.  He's one of support and of course undeniable clarity."

Marie reginato
motivational speaker & light |  two time cookbook auther 

love for illume

"I meditated with Illume for a few weeks and I love it. It's presence has been such a comfort, specifically at night when I am taking a bath or doing my nighttime skincare. So soothing.  The scent of Illume feels like comfort and I need it on my body. I hope LaToya will be making this as body oils soon."

destiny pitt
licensed master esthetician

love for illume

"I don't even know how to exist without Dark Moon anymore.  The scent is pure divinity that evokes a full body sensation of my own sacred nature and holds me to clearing out anything that does not support this.  I use her in daily ritual AND when I simply need the support in life - making magic out of the mundane."

katherine gramann
Nature inspired retail creator
founder of the nature of soul portal

love for Dark Moon

"I trust.  I am divinely guided. That which my soul desires is already on its way to me."