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A stone for giving voice to your power and deepest heart wisdom

Larimar is a cardinal water element stone that easily connects one to the ethereal nature of sea and sky.  Yet it is born of fire, as it is formed within basaltic lava.  This gives larimar a unique ability to balance the polarities of these elements, cooling tempers and anxieties while still helping one to identify and clear blocks to personal sovereignty.  

Larimar is a powerful throat chakra ally, lending one the strength and courage to speak openly from the heart.  Its water and fire origins improve alignment and flow from the sacral and solar plexus chakras also, helping one to not only effectively communicate their emotions but also their boundaries and desires in a way that others can hear and accept them.  Sovereignty, honesty, and pleasurable life and service - wear this stone when you desire to merge your frequency with that of the higher self. 


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Ingredients: essence of the larimar stone, spring water, artisan brandy, prayer

01.  Chakras: throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral
02.  Sovereignty
03.  Healing self expression
04.  Cooling tempers; preventing burnout
05.  Tapping into the frequency of joy, pleasure.
06.  Working with Dolphin spirit

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