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Reclaiming your power rests in remembering who you are

This grid was channeled through as a gift from the Spirit of the wisdom keepers.  The essence created from its energy offers to be a guide on our journey of decoding the jewels we have yet to reawaken within us.   Perhaps these jewels are written upon our blood and bones, memories and skills of our past lives.  Perhaps they are versions of ourselves we long to feel come alive again but fear have died long ago.  The spirit of this essence reminds us that all of who we are is available to be claimed.  Like trees bending in the wind, we too can bend time to retrieve these jewels all while remaining deeply rooted.  

grounded  remembrance

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Ingredients: essence of the grounded remembrance crystal grid [composed of quartz (clear, smoky, candle, rose), tigers eye, pyrite, selenite, rose petals, blue lotus petals], spring water, artisan brandy, prayer

01.  Remembrance 
02.  Past life regression / Timeline exploration
03.  Shamanic Journeying

My Energy CORRESPONDS with

"I am whole throughout each cycle of my life.  I am open to the wisdom of my nature."