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A portal to restoration and self nurturance through heart discernment

This elixir combines powerful gemstones and flower elements of synergistic medicine to create a remedy for those either bordering on or seeking to prevent "compassion fatigue". This is otherwise known as a form of apathy that can be experienced when one does not perceive their own needs as a priority, and effectively gives from an empty well.  The  Fountain essence will assist in strengthening our integrity and honing our awareness, so that we can balance dynamic movement in life with the energy of rest and reflection. 

the  fountain

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Ingredients: essences of rose quartz, smoky quartz, moonstone, rose of sharon flower essence, spring water, artisan brandy, prayer

01. Always approach another being with love, respect, intention.
02. INTERNAL: place 2-4 drops under your tongue or in beverage of choice.
03. EXTERNAL: add a dropperful to your bathwater.  Share as an offering in your rituals.  Anoint your candle or altar with a few drops. 
04.  INHALATION: add a few drops to your diffuser or place a few drops on the palms of your hands, rub together, inhale. 

Invitations for use:

"Even my boundaries can be an expression of love."