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Teaches us to embrace a love-based embodiment of purpose

Earth Angel Parfuma Rosa has quite a profound expression. Soft and elegant as roses are, this seemingly thousand petaled beauty and its exquisite aroma are anything but modest. And to be in its presence is to be beckoned to open and shine too. This kind of pure beauty, seen through the lens of the heart, has a way of quickening one to experience life more fully and with more passion. This flowers medicine isn't boastful; on the contrary, its lessons are in worthiness to take up space and the safety to show your beautiful soul.

Bring this rose spirit into your life when you crave to be more open to the possibilities of life, love, and purpose. 

earth angel parfuma rose

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Ingredients: earth angel parfuma rose flower essence, spring water, artisan brandy, prayer. Alchemized under a Scorpio full moon 

01. Always approach another being with love, respect, intention.
02. INTERNAL: place 2-4 drops under your tongue or in beverage of choice.
03. EXTERNAL: add a dropperful to your bathwater.  Share as an offering in your rituals.  Anoint your candle or altar with a few drops. 
04.  INHALATION: add a few drops to your diffuser or place a few drops on the palms of your hands, rub together, inhale. 

Invitations for use:

"like the rose, i am meant to have my time in the sun - my opportunity to be fully open and expressed.  I choose to do so in love and not fear."