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Creative Process

This always starts with inspired healing.  My own healing first and foremost.  I may be immersed in an energy so healing and rich that I want to intentionally craft a ritual & tool around it.  The intention being to help me deepen my relationship with that energy.  Or I may hear a voice from Spirit (or simply feel guidance) leading me toward our next creation together.  

Crafting and working with sacred tools is one way to embody and mentor with that Spirit's medicine.  To honor that, the creation process is one layered with channeling & trusting soul wisdom, element & plant medicine, and the healing potential of stones.  I mentor with the energy deeply myself, allowing it to reveal itself to me, name itself, and declare its medicine.  I allow them to be my teachers. 

Each batch is created in sacred ritual - with the presence of spirit guides invoked, intention stated and held with me riding its current in some way during the process as a way to attune them to their unique medicine.  Once the creation ritual has begun, I stay with the medicine - maintaining meditative presence until complete.  It's not uncommon for me to be led to a song for that ritual and to sing its melody on repeat for hours.  



Next: lunar attunement ceremony

On many occasions, I will be led to attune a particular candle under the energy of the moon. This will usually be a candle whose energy aligns with what is happening cosmically & with the healing needs of the collective. Both Illume and Dark Moon were created in this way during these lunar phases.

Following guidance, I will either create a new candle or make a special batch of an existing candle for these ceremonies. Under the night sky and often upon the Earth herself, the candles are arranged geometrically within an elemental grid created to anchor in Spirit messages and intentions. The grid and communion with the elements also serve as a way to amplify intentions, like a beacon to the Unseen world. For hours, we sit together in prayer, meditation, and union until our time feels complete. I leave them with the moon and the elements until they call me to close the ceremony.

Pre-orders are usually taken. This allows me to dedicate a particular candle to a particular person. And to call in Spirit support (guides, angels, higher self) to attune the candle to what that person's soul is most in need of.

attunement ceremony

the lunar

Next: How candlecraft began for me a part of the healing journeys I would hold for clients.  I was guided by Spirit to hold candlelight transmissions with each healing and I witnessed how potent this medicine is.  I decided to begin making my own candles and tools for my work with clients to ensure the energies that were being amplified on their behalf were intentional from start to finish.  And one day, I was guided to begin sharing them with the world (with Illume as the first). And here we are!

handcrafting candles

I began

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"The first koan of your soul is that your voice asked me to birth you into eternity - before you ever existed. I am the voice that said yes to you."