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We are makers of sacred tools inspired by a life of devotion

sovereign soul medicine

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 collections of ritual descent

inspired by the words of meggan watterson

redefining spiritual ascension as empowering depth of exploration; a return to love
 farther up is actually further in

These collections combine a set of sacred tools curated as a package.  Each item is designed to support a specific vibrational healing frequency.   These collections support us to experience a vibrational medicine through multiple modalities, often inviting us to integrate it throughout each aspect of our elemental and etheric bodies, aiding us in creating an immersive experience of a medicine. 
Think: learning a new language via a course versus moving to the country itself where the language is spoken.  The intention is that each collection will enhance our ability to integrate the medicine within, helping us to remember how to speak its native tongue fluently. 

what is the collection of ritual descent?

Energetic support for the entire Lunar cycle

moon ritual collection


Crafted in ritual. Steeped in intention. Covered in love. Let these sacred tools call you to presence, help you harness your own home frequency, support you in your soul work and in living a life of beautiful devotion.