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• 3 PRE-recorded experiential healing workshops focused on deepening your devotion to the path of self liberation through embodiment of your own truth, power, and heart
• Duration: 3.5 hours total
• Please note you will receive digital downloads. links to files will expire within 72 hours of first access. please save these files permanently for future access.



A pre-recorded 3 day sacred workshop series to lift you in your sovereignty and hold you in safety as you meet yourself in your highest light.


Because being you is SO DAMN GOOD! You can feel it. In your heart you know that everywhere you walk, flowers are meant to grow. You know your voice holds powerful codes of light and healing. And you are ready to experience a life in constant relationship to this truth that lives in your body - not just fleeting flashes of possibility. 

What is Anchor Into You?

In this series, we will:

01.  Identify conditioned beliefs that are unserving to who you are becoming & begin to rewrite and reframe these stories in alignment with your truth

02. Engage in practices such as breathwork, EFT, meditation, visualization, journaling, gratitude, seeing, and blessing to provide you with tools that will support you in your healing for years to come.

3. Journey in meditation to meet our future selves and ground into the power we possess to create our own narrative for living.

4. Begin to remember the language of love and its role in our personal sovereignty.

You OWN your magic + desire to be encoded with the tools to own a new narrative that's aligned with your truth.

You choose to be liberated from unserving patterns and limiting beliefs and to walk in the footsteps of your soul.

You choose to feel grounded, safe, and at ease in your body + mind.

You're excited to connect with the future you and embody her in the here and now. 

You're committed to creating space in your world for you to live aligned with your healing, your truth, your pleasure, and your vision

you know who you are.  But sometimes we all need a little reminder. take hold of this lifeline and come up for air, my darling...breathe this in and remember

LaToya is a ritual healer, storyteller, and a co-creator of ritual healing tools and experiences. She is the founder of Sovereign Soul Medicine, a soul led venture that allows her to share her mission of reclaiming the SACRED and awakening to the INTENTIONAL aspects of our daily lives.


meet your guides...


Emma is a goddess from the north. A Scandinavian healer and channel, whom with her modern approach to spirituality and heart-centered intuitive healing, is guiding modern-day women into a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. With her warm and loving energies, she will hold space for you and take you on a journey of self-discovery where you’ll learn to fully embrace every part of yourself.

Hej, I'm emma

meet your guides...

Lydia is a Empowerment Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher who is here to guide others into deeper relationship with themselves by being a catalyst for self-reflection, growth and transformation. Her ability to hold space with depth yet relatability will allow you to feel fully seen and held, and her contagious spirit will inspire you to live more intentionally and radiantly, allowing you to truly feel at home with yourself.

Hey, I'm Lydia

meet your guides...



"I wish everyone I know could experience what I have received from these workshops! I have never experienced anything like it and it has been magical for my soul. Completely filled with self-love. Through the breathing techniques, all the insights, and the incredible meditations, I have found my inner power! You have no idea what a journey this has been for me. Thank you. Thank you."

from a Participant in the live workshop event

"I joined this because I am on a journey to feel the best that I can feel about myself  This workshop gave me the tools to reach that goal. After the workshop weekend, I had some anxiety because I began feeling so much from these experiences.  But the tools this workshop gave me are something I can use everyday, forever.  I think this is something that everyone can benefit from. These powerful women are extraordinary."

form a Participant in the live workshop event